Pool membership questions? Call Lawrence Proctor at (919) 237-2090 Pool membership questions? Call Lawrence Proctor at (919) 237-2090 Pool membership questions? Call Lawrence Proctor at (919) 237-2090 


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Town home




Swim all day,
    every day
(No Lifeguards)


Longer season and hours



No extra fees/charges

Year-round access to Clubhouse/events

Social membership option

Open May 26 through October 14

Y our Falconbridge Community Clubhouse/Pool is fun and convenient. With plenty of room to swim and sun, it's almost like having our own private, neighborhood spa!

The 88,000-gallon L-shaped swimming pool has lap lanes and a large 3-foot shallow section for young pre-swimmers.

The pool deck is furnished for sunbathing on chaises or lounging under the umbrellas, and a gas grill is available on the upper deck for family dinners. The pool was newly lined and tiled in 2012 and the stair railing replaced in 2017.

The pool will be open to all members (including children) all day, every day during daylight hours (6am – sundown) from May 26 through October 14. You may bring up to 5 guests (friends/family NOT LIVING IN FALCONBRIDGE) as guests.

We are pleased to have daily pool maintenance provided by Pool Professionals, Inc. Our pool is maintenance only; there are no lifeguards.

We have added social functions to your pool membership and also created a social membership. A pool or social membership is now for one full year (May 2018 through April 2019). and includes much more than just the swim season.

Pool Member / Social Member Perks

  • Year-round personal access to the clubhouse

  • Host a small group or BBQ (up to 5 guests)

  • Use the free Wi-Fi

  • Special Movie Nights (for members only)

  • Free popcorn at movies

  • Reduced Clubhouse rental rates

  • Dinnerware (plates, cups, glasses, flatware) and chair loans

  • Enjoy hosting a Small Group of 5 or less
    (have some wine, read books, play a game)

  • Members only parties

  • Clubhouse breakfasts

  • Access to our well-stocked library

Pool Member Perks

  • Open to all members every day (sunrise to sunset)

  • Open May 26th – October 14th (longer pool season!)

  • No dawn-to-dusk fee

  • No guest fees (Guests must live outside the Falconbridge community)

  • No initiation fees

Membership Information

All Falconbridge town home owners have fully paid memberships to the pool.

Residents of Falconbridge single-family homes may purchase annual pool memberships or social memberships. Below is the fee schedule:



Again this year, you may bring up to 5 guests (friends / family who do NOT LIVE IN FALCONBRIDGE) as guests.

Installment Payment Plan

Pool memberships may be paid in up to 8 payments, starting March 1st and paid in full by the end of October. (Installment payments are not applicable to Social memberships, which must be paid in full.)

Finder's Fee

Help us increase membership! Our goal is to sell a net of five new memberships in 2018. If you are successful in getting a new membership sold (not valid if the person had a membership in 2017) you will receive a rebate totaling 10% of their membership fee.

Applications and information are available
at the Clubhouse or at the links below.

for Single-family homes for Townhomes

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Or contact Lawrence Proctor at
lproctor700@gmail.com or 919-237-2090.